Amazing Great Lakes Marsh Land

Today I visited a marshland waterfowl preserve along the Green Bay waterfront along with Lucky. It was a tranquil and beautiful adventure. I was amazed by the reeds and cattails flowing in the breeze as far as the eye could see. I unfortunately could not walk the wetland paths because dogs were not permitted in order to preserve a tranquil environment for the water fowl. But we saw a lot from the fringes of the property.

This panorama of the marshes from a viewing platform gives an idea of the extent of the wetlands.

Scores of small frogs-like this guy- hopped away in all directions with a whoosh and a plop as we walked along.

Beautiful white flowers of the Arrowhead Plant bloom in and near the water. I like to call them "Wisconsin Orchids"

Different types of liatris provide lovely counterpoint to the rocks.

I think that the clouds here in Wisconsin are unparalleled for their fluffiness and whiteness.
They are like a protective cottony blanket.

Here the clouds reflect on the water like an impressionist painting . The reflection only marred by the wake of the muskrat swimming towards the you see him? He slipped quietly into the water as we passed by.

A more pampered mammal enjoyed fetching his water toy over and over from the chilly bay.