Arrived in New Delhi- Lodi Gardens Meditation

After two - 9 hour back to back flights, I arrived in New Delhi this morning at 3 AM to start my tours and travels in India and Nepal.

New Delhi has been the starting point of my spiritual travels each year since 2008. Returning to India always feels like coming "home" to me. My first stop this morning was the peaceful Lodi Gardens in New Delhi.

The temp in New Delhi is in the 100's Fahrenheit, so I walked to the gardens early this morning. Mogul ruins from the 15th century interspersed around the park are the showpiece of this 90 acre sanctuary. 

In the early morning joggers, walkers and yoga enthusiasts enjoy the garden. I took some time to meditate here and to set the intention for my upcoming journey of spiritual unfoldment here in India. Here are a few highlights from my walk this morning. 

Tomorrow early morning, I travel to Uttarakhand (far north India) via train. I will report to you when I reach there! Thanks for sharing my journey!


  1. Beautiful travels to you Marie.

  2. Lovely invocation of India Marie. And great pix!

  3. This is wonderful, Marie. Thank you for sharing your pilgrimage.


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