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Visit To Traditional Handloom/ Traditional Handicrafts Location

My son Matthew Siegel is interested in importing handicrafts from India and Nepal - especially shawls, scarfs and handwoven articles. In my recent side trip to Almora, I visited a handloom factory. Local women of the mountain areas are trained in traditional hand looming, spinning and creation of shawls, stoles and other hand knit articles such as caps, socks.

In most of India and Nepal  winter is not as brutal as in the northern USA. So caps and shawls are often enough to keep warm. 35- 40 F is the coldest and the low temps are not maintained for a long duration. Snowfall is not that common and melts quickly.

Here are a few photos of the handicraft factory in Almora and the ladies working there. Also some of the finished products:

Loading spindles for the handlooms:

Handknitting of pashmina for beautiful lacy stoles:

Hand Knit Stole

Handmade carpets in progress:

Winding handspun wool yarn into balls:

Hand Loom Work In Progress

Hand Loomed Shawl

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