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Incredible --Eclectic-- Artistic--Amazing Kochi

I knew intuitively that I would have a great time in Kochi but today's experiences far exceeded my expectations. The combination of rich history, natural beauty, alluring spices, enchanting perfumes and exquisite art were a sensory overload.  I know you have limited time, so I will share just the highlights now and at the end of this post I will add a collection of amazing doors and extra photos from around the city.
For twenty cents I had the pleasure of a portrait with this eclectic backdrop that summarizes the ambience of Kochi!
Incredibly creative and unusual cafes and restaurants are tucked away behind long corridors that open to the harbor. Many are converted from 200+ year old Dutch and Portugeuse spice warehouses.
A TRUCKLOAD of red chili peppers greeted me outside my hotel this AM! You could barely breathe walking by..
A several hundred year old high-ceilinged warehouse from Dutch times. Women are making fresh ginger into dried ginger. The air was extremely pungent.
Raja of Ko…

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