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A Man with an Unusual Gift: Tony Sanders the American Indian Artifact Aficionado

Hello? Is anyone still out there? Hello? I finally got myself out from under a lot of work after my months abroad. My friend Donna Davison has inspired me to continue blogging-sharing my local and domestic travels with you. This weekend I traveled south with my friend Tom Siegel and my dog Lucky,  to visit a man with a special siddhi. In Sanskrit the word siddhi means perfection or special ability. Tony Sanders of Bentonsport, Iowa has found over 5000 Indian artifacts! More below...
The wintry beauty of the Des Moines River seen from Keosauqua, Iowa bridge
The town of Bentonsport, Iowa is in historic Van Buren County just south of Fairfield where I am temporarily living.  This area was first inhabited (by white folk) in 1835. It is a picturesque old time settlement along the Des Moines River with original buildings of the 1800's that have been converted into antique stores, fudge shop, hotel etc. Quaint shop of Bentonsport along the Des Moines
My sidekick Lucky explores the old brid…

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