Here Comes the Bride and Groom --My Son's Wedding Aug. 22, 2020

 Hello! I thought I would share some photos of my son's wedding on Saturday, Aug. 22nd. After a number of changes due to the pandemic, Matthew and Monica chose a beautiful park in Iowa City, Iowa called Harvest Preserve for their wedding venue.

Monica's brother Forrest Douglass officiated. Monica's father "walked her down the aisle" in a wheelchair pushed by one of Monica's brothers. Beautiful heartfelt vows were exchanged. The large wedding party was chosen well before the virus so they made up a lot of the guest list. The couple was beautifully supported by friends and family!

Monica's father Tom Douglass brings his daughter to the altar

Monica's brother Forrest solemnizes the vows

The lovely bride and her stunning maid of honor & bridesmaids

The handsome men of the wedding party

Myself and my beautiful daughter-in-law Monica.  She is starting grad school for Family and Marriage Counseling in a week

Matthew and I. 
Matthew works at a telecom company in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Matthew and Monica purchased their first home in Cedar Rapids a few months ago.

Monica and her mom and dad.

Matthew and his dad-Tom Siegel.

My two sisters Angela and Libby and 
Libby's husband Larry came from Ohio

Matthew and Monica's baby "Franklin" the Chiwini (chihuahua and dachshund mix) pup.


First Dance

Happily Ever-After


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